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    Trojan Grey
    Trojan Grey

    Personality : Grounded
    Status : Maid
    Home Base : Dragonrise

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    Alignment: Hero

    Trojan's Bio Empty Trojan's Bio

    Post by Trojan Grey on Fri Jun 13, 2014 10:25 pm

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    Trojan Grey:

    Age: 16

    Species: Mutated Human/Replicator

    Affiliation: Dragonrise/New Valeria

    Status: Maid/Spy

    Personality: Grounded, fierce, stubborn.

    History: Spent her childhood in Havenland where she suffered constant neglect from her family. It wasn't until her parents sided with Dragonrise and died only days later that she really grew confidence with herself retaining bits and pieces of self worth along the way. Trojan pushes herself to be the best at everything she does including demeaning tasks such as cleaning around the Dragonrise base which she did for awhile after graduation. Unfortunately this disposition eventually led her to being killed during an undercover mission gone wrong in Moorthor. Currently New Valeria's science/medical department has helped revive her via replicator gene therapy but at a terrible price. Trojan's temperament fluctuates at an almost bipolar rate which makes her a risk to everyone else around her.

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