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    Napoleon Moore
    Napoleon Moore

    Personality : Noble
    Status : Prince
    Home Base : Moorthor Castle

    Character Info
    Species: Mixed Breed
    Alignment: Royalty

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    Prince Nero
    Nero's Bio Nerobio_zps575caae2

    Under 1
    Species:  Trydien /Human/Akane/Neeb/Aranemite

    Affiliation: Moorthor
    Status: Royalty  (Via Father King of Moorthor and mother, Former Princess of Havenland)

    Personality: Observant, Meticulous, Escapist
    History:  Being in the first and much anticipated litter of the King has put much expectation on Nero. He is growing rapidly in the Trydein way and still trying to find himself and who he is in a short time frame.  He is being tutored as a royal prince which he complies to  but often  leaves to find distraction elsewhere when things don’t go his way. He usually starts a lot of things he doesn’t finish this way.

    Not so much keen on strength but enhanced reflexes and speed from this Aranemite blood he can jump and hang upside down or under tight places.
    Fair Trydein type mental abilities, Telekinetic, Capable of thought speak and Teleportation

    Nero’s special Trydein ability is Matter-Energy Absorption
    He has the ability to absorb the energy and matter of anything though his body at will and utilize it in various ways.
    For matter he can absorb the properties of solid materials, transmuting himself into a living form of whatever material he has absorbed. I.e., becoming steel or concrete plated after touching the object.

    Akane 9 lives, Including the Akane Beast Form (Tiger-Lion hybrid) with visual traits such as claws and fangs when angered.  

    Age and inexperience being his greatest weakness Nero is new to the dangerous word and has no idea what he is getting into.

    Short and physically weak from his human blood

    Has human stamina making his other abilities vulnerable.

    No regenerative healing capabilities  

    Nero is very self-conscious of his faults often acting lazy to excuse his limitations and fears of failure.

    The dreaded… H20 (Water)


    Parents: Caesar Hawthmoore & Iceara Gallus
    Siblings: Cith Hawthmoore, The other Moorthor heirs

    Parental Grandparents: Desmond Moore & Cersei Hawthorn (Deceased)
    Material Grandparents Vero Gallus & Taris Ashford (Deceased)

    Half Uncle: Leon Habbal
    Great Aunt: Petrus Ashford
    Aunt-Cousin: Prism Gallus

    Cousins-Nieces: Nerissa Auluma, Opal Habbal
    Cousin-Nephews:, Delsin Unerth

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