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    Personality : Headstrong
    Status : Warrior Princess
    Home Base : Outside the Shield

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    Species: Mixed Breed
    Alignment: Warrior

    Emerald's Bio  Empty Emerald's Bio

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    Emerald Dragonrise
    Emerald's Bio  Emmybiopic_zps9fcade49

    Age: 23
    Species: Surrian

    Affiliation: Dragonrise
    Status: Princess of Dragonrise (Royalty via Adoption by Queen May)

    Personality: Hot headed, Arrogant and Adventurous
    History: Cloned from a dead race by Judge Mann to trap May with, a little green dragon was one of the hatchlings used in his dark plot. She is also the only one to have survived. May brought her back to the residence and named her Emerald after her striking green features. The first few years Emerald was satisfied with that status but after a while she got tired of it. She started working on shape shifting into her own girl so she was no longer seen as a pet or the group’s mascot or a pet. Just because she wanted to be more human doesn’t mean she gave up her dragon side. Her form has been important to Dragonrise’s survival as she and her May’s flames help create the Molten Fortress.  She is also just as curious as she was when a young dragon always wanting to know more and sometimes wandering away. May is very keen on keeping her close to home knowing she is the fortress's greatest defense and leader in the future. It has all  gone to her head. She’s very loud and forceful and a tad arrogant in her demeanor sometimes forgetting those around her but she means well most of the time.   Emerald collects different Warcraft and is obsessed with fighting  and battling which she constantly is at  trying to protect Dragonrise from being wiped out by Moorthor.  She sound a kindred heart of the love of warfare with Delsin Unerth.  They often taught training lessons in their respected Guilds together and grew closer. Both being very stubborn and full of themselves in there own ways lead to a bad breakup in witch . Their relationship was never official to the people of Dragonrise  but they were always with one another leading to the conclusion.  Emerald may deny it to the teeth but she misses him and his family, Leon and Opal Habbal who also left when the group split up and left to New Valera. When not helping to run Dragonrise’s busy routine she often does flights around the high lands to defend their territory.

    Powers & Weaknesses:  Emerald is a shape shifter but has only mastered a few forms. She can turn into a generic person in the crowd not so much a  face she doesn’t know details of well enough. Her dragon form is much more her strongest power as she can both fly, make great impact and flame throwing abilities.  Her scales are stronger than most amour but her wings and underbelly scales are vulnerable to attack and take longest to heal.  She has quite the temper and can be overly confident in times getting herself into a bad positions. As a coldblooded creature Emerald is also vulnerable to the cold. As it is very cold all the time now she managed but she can not fly for to long in a full out blizzard as her wings may ice up or she may find it hard to move.  She can recover using her fire abilities but she needs to be refueled to do so.

    Adopted Family
    Mother:May Sulez
    Brother:Constantine Sulez  

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