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    Personality : Brooding
    Status : Wanderer
    Home Base : Wastelands

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    Species: Multispecies
    Alignment: Hero

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    Eden McGuiness
    Eden's Bio Tumblr_nhoa9bKneo1rfaa53o6_r1_1280
    Age: 15
    Species: Human-Lorpor

    Status: Apprentice  

    Personality: Serious, Skeptical, Brooding
    History: Son of long time residence fighters, Tristan and Katrin Eden  grew up when times were tough and the group was living underground fighting for their lives daily. He is named after Katrin's Grandmother Edna who went to the Blue Planet with the Legendary Starkers long ago and left tapes behind for young Katrin to learn the truth leading her to May and the others. Eden grew up fast  after his parents were killed and put his mind onto becoming just like some of the famous tunnel warriors.  With a goal set at a young age he developed a very serious and self-disciplined matter.  He has a hard time having fun which makes him a stick in the mud among his friends.  As a orphan he is a ward of Queen May, witch only makes him more determined to make his group proud.

    Strengths &  Weaknesses: Being mostly human does have its disadvantages but though training and meditations Eden was able to tap into his parents alien bloodlines they weren't aware of till coming into the residence.  Though both sides he has Lorpblood making him almost a full half. His nonhuman  side has developed quick reflexes and powers of the mind and body but he still has a lot to learn.  His greatest personal weakness is sometimes being far to focused on his work that he forgets what the big picture really is and what Dragonrise stands for.

    Parents : Tristan McGuiness & Katrin Novikov (Deceased)
    Paternal Grandparents: Francesco McGuiness & Anjou Rockwell (Deceased)  
    Maternal Grandparents: Paval Novikov & Noela Nyx (Deceased)
    Great Great Grandmother: Edna Nyx (On the Blue)

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