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    Desmond Hawthorn
    Desmond Hawthorn

    Personality : Insane, Crazy, Psycho
    Status : Former God of Hell
    Home Base : Ettie, I guess? I am her soul. :P

    Character Info
    Alignment: Hero

    Desmond's Bio Empty Desmond's Bio

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    Desmond's Bio Amazing-spider-man-2-green-goblin-dane-dehaan
    Demon Soul Appearance/ Past Appearance

    The original Moore/Deathwalker family patriarch.

    Full name:
    Desmond Dessy Desia Deathwalker Moore Hawthorn
    Nickname: Des
    Born: December 5th 2264
    Physically Died At Age: 20
    Technically Age: 35
    Species: Demon/ Soul
    Species Was: Trydein / Pure Energy / White Tiger 
    Religious views: Flynn Occult
    World Views Against: the Hater's & Albino's
    Side On The Royal War: Flynn
    Personality: Bipolar, Obsessive - (Leads him to be inconsistent, tending to act on emotional impulses)

    Current Occupation: Royal
    Past Occupations:
    Guide's Student & Cadet (2265)
    Flynn's 1st Chosen (2265 -
    EleDanetry School Teacher (Late 2265 - 2266) 
    Ruler Of Skytree (2267)
    Amish Teacher /Traveling Village Doctor (2269)
    Space Explorer (2270)
    Flynn Inner Circle Teacher (2271)
    Global Enforcer (2271 -  Nov. 2, 2274)
    King Of Albion (Nov. 2274)
    Albion Energy/ Time Experiment (Oct. 30th 2274 - 2275)
    Havenland King (2275)

    Physical Description:
    Past - Current
     Gender: Male - Male 
    Hair Color: Blonde - Dirty Blonde
     Eye Color: Pale Blue - Green
    Ethnicity: Albino - Green tinted, partially scaled, skinned, Demon
     Height:  5 feet 8 inches - same
    Weight: 87 pounds - same

    Strategic Intelligence
    Easily Adaptable
    Immortal Soul
    Tiger Shape Shifter
    Trydein Powers: - Electricity./ Lightning, Weather Control, Teliportation/ Flight, Telepathy, Mind Speak/ Read
    Pure Energy powers: Energy Sight, Cell Control
    Demon Powers: Soul Inhabitation, Soul Sense
    Demon: Claws, Fangs, Sharp Hearing
    Armor: (Green Demon Soldier Armor)

    Hydrophobic (Extremely afraid of water)
    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    Black Blooded Disorder (Able to easily get very sick if exposed to teeth contact)
    Loss of Original Physical Body

    Wife: Queen Cersei Hawthorn (Deceased)
    Ex: Mer Clone & Russia, Siera McKay (Deceased)
    Parents: Lisa, Rodger Moore (Deceased)
    Aunt's & Uncle's: Diana, Dreg Moore, Paingha, Crystal Deathwalker, Fred (Deceased)
    Sister's: Ashley, Demona Moore (Deceased)
    Brother: Gothric Moore, Draven (Deceased)
    Soul & Clone Brother's: Jesse Gallus, Damon Moore, Des Jr. (Deceased)
    Daughters: Sei Sei, Desalin Moore, Fray, etc.(Deceased)
    Sons: Lucien Ashford, Canada, Cerberus, Rue Moorethor, etc. (Deceased)
    Grandchildren: Nerissa Auluma (Deceased)
    Half Brother's: King Vero Gallus, King Leon Habbal (Alive) (Enemies)
    Half Nieces: Prism & Iceara Gallus (Alive) (Neutral)
    Son: King Caesar Moorethor (Ghost) (Enemy)
    Grandchildren: Opal Habbal, Delsin Unerth (Alive) (Allies)
     Nero, Cith (Enemies)

      Desmond  was abused and mistreated by his family leading him to destroy his home planet and flee. During the days at King Sorin Cerberus’s Neoplanet Desmond was a cadet. He fell for Meredith Sulez and had a rivalry with Beolan Starker. Ultimately his incestuous sister, Ashley Moore destroyed the Neoplanet in jealousy.  The Dark Lord Flynn took interest in him after this. Desmond would try to get back in the good graces of the gang but he was still blamed for conspiring with Flynn and the damages done by Ashley. 
       After the curse, Desmond was accepted and lived in the city on the Planet of Dane as a teacher. When his girlfriend Meredith, left the city he had a mental breakdown. This led Desmond to have many misadventures around varies fractions , till he met up with the Meredith clone.  He stole his son Cecil from Meredith to raise on Skytree with her clone.  An accident caused Desmond and his save-double Jesse to merge. Over the next months they had become a polygamy family to raise both couple’s children. When the real Meredith was resurrected, Desmond left Skytree to take up stalking her again, where the on and off game continued. After being let down and left by Meredith for Beolan one last time he snapped completely and attacked both the Pilgrimage ship and Havenland, resulting in his death. 
       Desmond returned from the underworld on Halloween during Havenland’s party. He and Tryiden Meredith lived dysfunctionally in a laboratory together for a time till his insanity and lust for the fun things in life led him to leave her and start again.
       Years later he returned to the asteroid from cold space on a mission from Flynn. Desmond created a new version of Meredith  from Klaus Sulez’s blood called ‘Mary’  He was  in charge of security and apart of Flynn’s secret circle. Mary later left him too join her brother. right when Cersei came into power. Desmond then became an outlaw after bipolar snapping on Cersei. He built up the Kingdom of Albion only too be betrayed by Alma.
      After being in prison and experimented on for a while by the Albino's Desmond gave a promise too Flynn if set free he would be a loyal too him once again. Flynn sent Raluca to free him and he joined her. However he was once again captured by The Albino's and Haters and was used to fuel energy to a CCC Machine to attempt to Ascend the Albinos. Instead it evolved Chip wearers and killed the albino's who tried too ascend. Desmond's cells dissolved into pure energy evolving. He then became the Horseman of War and unleashed the spirit.
      Cersei accepted him back as a hero and the hater charges where dropped. Queen Cersei and Desmond feel in love and they got married December 27th 2274, which in turn also made him King of Havenland.
      During their honeymoon on the Tardis they got stuck in time and had to relive the past 10 years. Desmond tried to rekindle his love for the origional Meredith but in the end felt guilty and went back to Cer. When they got back to the year 2274 Cersei got injured during Halloween and Desmond and Cersei both got ambushed by Albino's and where kidneped by them and used for more experiments. When they got free they reclaimed their thrones.
     Desmond then had misadventures of adopting a heart son, Drug usage, Akane war, killed from energy drainage, resurrection, having more children, fighting the snake sisters, and then being finally physically killed by Vero's wish. Most of his soul went to the hell realm but some stayed submerged in his son Rue's subconscious. When Rue was killed by Klaus's hand accidentally, it left the body empty pulling Desmond into it filling it with his soul.
    After taking revenge on Albion's county, Desmond continued to hang out at the Moorethor castle. Generally being a unpredictable nuisance to everyone. He and his Granddaughter Nerissa started to form a bond due to her being easy for him to manipulate. They both began a romance that was however, quickly ended in a spiral of changing events that led to Nerissa's death. Desmond killed Caesar for killing her and in return Desmond's grandchildren Cith, Nero, and Iceara, fled Moorethor.

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