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    Constantine Sulez

    Personality : Enduring

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    Species: Freak of Nature
    Alignment: Chaotic Good

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    Constantine (Coz)
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    Age: Created 17 years ago
    Species: Human/Atlantean Chimera

    Affiliation: Dragonrise, House Xern (Formerly)
    Status: Prince of Dragonrise  (Via Mother, Queen May)  
    Personality: Optimistic, Impulsive, Courageous & Determined  
    History: Constantine was the unexpected result of his parents capture at the Golden Tower. As Raluca Xern Oracle at the time constructed magic experiments on Ettimay. He spent quite a longer time than normal developing as May didn’t know what to expect while carrying him and made some mistakes. He was born an egg and spent a year listening, learning and taking in the everyday life of the Underground Residence from inside the shell. During Klaus and May’s honeymoon vacation the egg was abducted and hatched in a ceremony killing the Hawthorn children, including Rue.  The child spent the first few days with Raluca who respectfully named him Rasal. As he had quite enough time to develop he acted more like a young child, but he didn’t stay that way physically as he shifted into varies forms when changing mood or just out of boardroom. The nature of his power was volatile lacking control making a tremendous mess throughout the Golden Tower by just plan defying physics.  Raluca did manage to use the little powerhouse to transport Atlantis out of its icy grave she didn’t really mind her tower in shambles and upside-down.  By the time May got her son back she was no better at controlling him either with his very destructive programming and nature. May named him after the slayer Raluca sacrificed in her ceremony and tried to push ‘that side of the family’ on Constantine more but he was still greatly attached to Raluca and responded to it as expected. As she held a large part in creating the Chimeras after Raluca was killed May was almost fatally wounded by the served link and Constantine completely started to fail. May has spent many years trying to find a way around the served magic affect and keep her son alive on her own. Being near death and without his powers humbled him quite a bit and over the years those early memories were all but faded.   May never told him much of it and being very obedient he never questioned her well-intended white lies and events leading to his condition. He is all to use to it and tries to put on a brace face during his treatments to recharge his cells monthly. Times the treatment can’t be created or found in the harsh wastelands, Constantine is very sick and often is bed bound in the Medicine Den. When he is healthy enough he tries to fit in with the other children of Drangonrise  in the Guild training with the hope to take part in the great wars outside. He knows he can’t contribute as much as his mother and sister but tries to find other means to help all the same most of the time putting himself into rash stunts to do so.

    Powers and Weaknesses:
    Constantine’s abilities varies to how close his latest treatment was as most of them lay dormant or are repressed by his human side while he is sick.  Normally he is quite frail and weak suffering from half his body destroying itself as it shouldn't exist without Raluca's magic and half of it trying to heal itself.  When his cells are recharged though a magnetic electricity concoction he can access some of his genetic benefits, the easiest being mental powers such as thought speaking, Telaportation, Telekinesis but to only what he could physically lift normally and astral projection.  His body makes very limited chemicals for  fire combustion and poisons. He does not have healing venom but quite the opposite that is not injected though the fangs , he doesn't have any. Physically he is very human making him not very fast or strong or have any enhanced senses.  His eyes however do have extra lids that give him varies night visions and heat seekers. He has mutated wings that can be used as a shielding and short glides but not all his bones are hollow enough for longer flights. Constantine is rather reckless after his treatments in using his limited powers quite frequently  as he knows this is the only time he can, which wears  himself out very quickly.


    Parents: Klaus Sulez (Lost)  & Ettimay Xern (Ally)
    Adopted Sister: Emerald Dragonrise (Ally)
    Half Brother Paris Westen (At The Blue)

    Material Grandparents: Raluca Addams (Ghost) & Constantine 'Carry' Fox (Deceased)
    Aunts: Meredith Suelz and her clones, Mer & Camile (Deceased)
    Cousins: Baby Ben Starker (At The Blue) Cecil & Emmett, Elena, Cerberus and Flint Moore (Deceased)
    Francine Rapce (Ally)
    Great Cousin: Nerissa Auluma (Enemy)

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