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    Neressia Moore
    Neressia Moore

    Personality : Bitch
    Status : Queen
    Home Base : Moorthor Castle

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    Species: Quorstiz Quorstiz
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

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    Nerissa Auluma

    Nerissa's Bio  Narrp_zpsbbe291b0
    Age: 24
    Species: Seawitch/Quorstiz /Ancient/Denafie/Lyratisan/Trydien

    Affiliation: Moorethor, The Underground   (Formerly)
    Status: Lady of the Royal Court

    Personally: Slutty, Vain, Charismatic on the outside, Insecure on the inside.
    History: Neriessa started out one of the many young tunnel girls living in Ettimay and Klaus Sulez’s Underground residence.  They were poor literate street girls whose families either abandoned them in poverty or left on the Starker Exodus. May picked up young Neriessa  in a large group of fair headed orphans  standing outside the old and in ruins trailer park one day and she joined the ranks of the tunnel girls.  They made perfect, thieves, spies and infiltrates for the underground’s fight. The young tunnel ‘Nelly’ (Also known as  Heidi’s little sister ) was a restless tunnel and did not like to wait for orders. It only got worse when her only family Heidi was killed on duty. Nelly felt all alone and grew rebellious, she got close to another young girl named Sadie who lost her mother in another mission. They snuck out one day to vandalize in Havenland and ended up being captured by the Oracle Raluca Xern. Raluca sensed that Nelly’s large trailer park Maksimkin family held the blood of the ancient Sheppards and seawitches from long ago and kept her and Sadie alive for testing. Raluca was then aware of The Underground’s monitoring and kept them away from any cameras or spies so she could work without them interfering. After brainwashing experiments and genetics tampering to turn human to Seawitch Nelly still resisted and refused to break unlike her friend. Raluca pitted them at one another and made Sadie be the one who cursed Nelly to be stuck in the Quorstiz  mermaid form. Trapped underwater and muted Nelly was given to the Global Queen Cersei Hawthmore to be entertainment at her underwater themed nightclub, The Elite Club. For years she was just a tool of amusement and treated like one of the other sea creatures there. It slowly broke her and she was willing to do anything to get out. She worked her way up through the ranks charming whoever she needed and doing what had to be done till finely she was a Golden Priestess. The first thing she did was ride the asteroid of Sadie, who was by then a powerful priestess herself under another name letting herself inherit her place. While serving at the Tower was given the task of raising Caesar Hawthmoore in secret when he was almost murdered by Raluca  as the other savaged child, Rue was sent to another kinswoman, Sei Sei. When King Caesar reigned it started to get better for her with a new name, Nerissa  and the last name of her ancestor the sea King Rux  she started  her new life as the true Oracle.  With close relations to the King she was given the task to clear the Golden Tower of rebellion as Oracle Raluca and her vampires started a coupe wanting to take over and restore their clan outside the Dark Lord’s will. Nerissa proved herself by ridding Moorthor of the left overs o vampires of the Xern coven after Raluca’s demise and she also transformed the Elite Club into a new Tower for their cause.
    Powers & Weakness: As the new Oracle Nerissa is a powerful seawitch with many underlings and means to enforce the wills of their dark masters and of course Kind Caesar’s whims most of the times finding herself at court to make what is needed for the royals be it a curse of something of entertainment. Outside her magic skills she also can control water. Even the water in the living body to make weapons out of it or create disaster. She can also teleport and dispense though walls with powerful ancient clairvoyant abilities. Her special Trydein power is creating gold out of anything she wishes. She often uses it to transform water into liquid gold to make her attacks even more deadly. As Nerissa’s power is very water drawn. She needs access to it which makes her useless outside the walls of Moorthor where the apocalypse has polluted or frozen sources.   She also is quite insecure about her  mother’s side of the family with their tunnel heritage and tries to hide it well under a guise of liveliness and playfulness. She has tried to take out any who know her secret but she never could get rid of the rumors and slanders of her.  She had a taste of what happens when you’re at the bottom is desperately fearful of losing her high place she finely has achieved.

    Parents: Ingrid Maksimkin & Flint Moore (Deceased)
    Sister: Heidi Tunnel (Deceased)
    Maternal Grandparents: Gretta Maksimkin & Unknown (Deceased)
    Parental Grandparents: Desmond Moore & Mer Sulez Clone   (Deceased)
    Aunts: Sei Sei Moore, Olga Mittens   (Deceased)   Nadia Springs (At the Blue)
    Uncles: Caesar Hawthmore, Rue Hawthmore (Allies)
    Cousins:  Opal Habbal, Delsin Unerth (Enemies)
    Great Uncle: Klaus Suelz (Undecided)
    Great Cousins: Rowan Tytress, Ettimay Sulez,  Constantine Sulez, Francine Rapce (Enemies)

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