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    Prism Gallus
    Prism Gallus

    Personality : Lost
    Status : Reluctant Ice Princess
    Home Base : Icy Wilderness

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    Species: Multispecies
    Alignment: Without a cause

    Prism's Bio Empty Prism's Bio

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    Princess Prism
    Prism's Bio Prisbionew_zps26b3519e

    Age: 16

    Species: Human/Akane/Neeb/Aranemite

    Affiliation: None. Pawn to both sides of her family. (House Hawthmoore/House Gallus)
    Status: Ice Princess,   Servant of Moorthor (Formerly)  Havenland Princess     (Formerly)

    Personality: Sweet, Worryfull , Compassionate
    History: Prism was once a princess  of the olden day Havenland when her father Vero Gallus was King of the Asteroid’s global empire. She was a happy, hopeful young child and she learned early to face hardship and sadness when her mother took her own life one day. Prism looked up to her sister, Iceara and she  adored her father and her Uncle Podwick all the more when her mother was gone. Even her uncompassionate grandmother, Cookie who hardly found time for her.  Prism was very family centered; always worried she would lose someone one day like her mother again. So she tried to make every moment count with them, she was so scared after losing her mother she wouldn’t even go to sleep at night without seeing her father to make sure he was ok. Vero somehow found time from his now cursed and falling apart kingdom to try to fix his broken family. 10 years ago when King Caesar Hawthmore took the throne from Vero, Prism and Iceara were captured and separated from their father now stuck in Moorthor. Bad times befell the Ashfords as Podwick too took his own life and Petrus was almost sold out by Cookie. Prism was devastated and traumatized with her family completely lost to her. It did not take long for Caesar to break her spirit. To cope Prism ‘forgot’ her whole family outside Iceara. It’s all she could do to stand her new life of servitude with the same cheerful and sweet attitude. Caesar kept the girls and a large portion of the Albion and Akane people for his revenge plot agonist Vero for whishing his parents away and taking the throne.  Prism remained oblivious to anything more then what she is told and was unaware of the great danger she is in within the Moorthor walls from Caesar’s revenge.  But Prism found an unlikely friendship with Caesar’s sickly younger brother Rue Hawthmore. Everything changed when Petrus gave Vero intel to get inside Moorthor, Iceara and Prism were rescued and brought back to  Albion. They were still loyal to Moorthor and Caesar from years of it being drilled in their heads despite the people’s attempt to remind them of happy better times. When Iceara ran away back to Moorthor, Prism found it hard to be separated from her elder sister and her protective walls broke  down as losing her sister brought back  her mother’s death.  Now Prism remembers her old life in Havenland but also is very damaged by her abuse in Moorthor. She does not know where she belongs anymore or who she should be and is finding herself torn in two from both sides.


    Prism inherited a Neeb connection to plant life. There wasn’t much greenery left with the weather so to the extremes but she used to walk the castle gardens to ‘listen and talk’ to the flowers.  Most just thought she had an active imagination but it was a true power that skipped a generation finely surfacing.

    Akane 9 lives (Only 8 are left from Ceasar’s abuse over the years)

    She doesn’t ever use her claws or Akane form even when upset,  she's more  ashamed of it from her days in Moorthor. As Akanes were seen as nothing there and treated as such.

    Prism is a bit stronger than an olden day human with her mixed genetics but nothing that powerful as she barely asserted herself in much too even try to unlock her strengths she would rather hide or keep out of things if she can. With her memories back Prism is less of a pushover and has a lot of anger issues. They rarely come out but if she’s pushed to far she can snap.

    Parents: Vero Gallus & Taris Ashford (Deceased)  
    Sister: Iceara Gallus
    Half Brother: Lucien Ashford  (Deceased)
    Nephews and Nieces (Also half Cousins): Nero Hawthmoore, Cith Hawthmoore and the rest of the Hawthorn children

    Paternal Grandparents: Hepaci Gallus & Cookie Boholland (Deceased)  
    Maternal Grandparents: Paddington Ashford & Galentina Augustinus (Deceased)
    Aunt: Petrus Ashford
    Uncles: Podwick Ashford (Deceased) Leon Habbal  
    Cousin: Opal Habbal

    Half Cousins: Delsin Unerth, Rue Hawthmoore (Deceased) Caesar Hawthmoore (Former Master)

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