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    Vero Gallus
    Vero Gallus

    Personality : Bitter
    Status : Ice King
    Home Base : Icy Wilderness

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    Species: Multispecies
    Alignment: Warrior

    Vero's Bio Empty Vero's Bio

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    Vero Boholland Gallus
    Vero's Bio Tumblr_n0jt5jNVUq1trqv28o1_500_zpsf4b9276e
    Age: 38, Birthday September 6, 2252
    Species: Akane/Neeb/Aranemite

    Affiliated: Albion's Wintersprings & House Gallus, Formerly Havenland (Now Moorthor)
    Status: King of Albion-Wintersprings
    (Also contending for the Moorthor throne right  via father , the original asteroid ruler)

     Kind, Bitter, Careful

    Background: Vero was raised by his mother, Cookie as they were on the run from her pirate roots for many years. Cookie worked her way up to the top and got into good graces with people in power wherever society was forming after  every Over lordship and curse disaster.  Vero was sheltered by his mother mostly being hidden away from trouble or the worldly affairs  leaving him a little behind for his age. Ettimay Starker figured out he was the Governor Hepaci’s son and set him up to come to Havenland. Soon he and his mother stayed on permanently with work in town.  The secret of his paternity came out at a festival by rebels causing quite a shock as the Governor already had a heir. Even so Vero started to enjoy the special treatment that comes to being the Governor’s son but it also brought him a lot of trouble. He was kidnapped by Klaus Sulez in a plot to frame his girlfriend, Ariel el Martyr for the crime.  As him got older Vero longed to be more independent as Cookie was still overprotected of him to the point of lying about his age to keep him a child. When his father died Vero could not claim the throne as Cookie lied. His stepmother, Cersei Hawthorn swept in and stole it from him.  After an attempt on his life at the Winter Festival by the Hawthorns Vero ran away. While living on the run his old friend, found him and helped his escaped outside the dome.   He came to Albion a hidden ice kingdom of natives that have adapted to the cold barren climate and landscape. After passing their test and training among them he became a part of their society. After his mentor died Vero was named leader in his place. Still being quite young Vero tried to hold down the fort but it was the start of the hybrid virus and many were lost along with much the asteroid population.  After he got close and fell for Taris Ashford  he saw all the  audacities Cersei did to her family and their Akane people. He started fighting for the throne more strongly.  His attacks on Cersei to reclaim the throne were always brought down. As much battles as he won he couldn’t win the one that counted.  Vero saw there was no more choice and and used his genie prize to make a wish. He wished to win the throne. Cersei  and Desmond just disappeared and  the war seemed over. But it did not kill their powerful Trydein children.  Vero in the end did not win and barely made it back to Albion alive leaving half his family and people lost for what seemed like forever among the Moorthor walls.
    Now: Vero continues to rule Albion and lays claim to the frigid icy wastelands surrounding his stronghold. He slowly tries to advance his territory onward thinking one day he can get back Moorthor for his house.  He is right next to Dragonrise and has acquired territory up to their border.  The two clans were once allies before Vero took charge making them enemies. He sees them as criminals and outlaws of his father’s old ruling and suffered much from them when younger. He knows their Queen May was the one who murdered his father and gives them no slack. Vero fights Moorthor as the rest yes but  will not make allies with any other clan seeing them as rebels and his fight the only true claim. Vero is bitter about his great loss in life, the throne. Disappointment and sorrow has softened his once positive attitude. He is strict, controlling and bases his motivation and right on a stern mortal compasses all his own. To Vero he is 110%  the rightful owner of the asteroid  and he would do all he can to bring about justice he thinks he is owed. He is very  centered on justice and fair minded when faced with a situation causing him not to win as many battles.  Vero has been trying to get his mother and sister and two young daughters out of Moorthor for years. His mother had been completely corrupted  by the Golden Club Vero has given up on her and now longs to save the rest of the women in his life from the same fate that befell his mother.  

    Powers: Vero has some enhanced strength, speed and senses.  As he does not have anything more than his Akane feline claws and fangs physically he much more prefers to use energy lasers and shields from his science division then go head to head.
    Weakness: Vero has lost a few Akane lives over the last long fight for the throne aging him a bit more from the strain and stress. He is not as fast or strong as he could be. Vero's major weakness is being quite paranoid about dying before reaching his goal he sees must happen so he is very careful before moving forward on missions.

    Parents: Hepaci Gallus & Cookie Boholland (Deceased)
    Half Sister: Petrus Ashford (Ally)
    Half Brother: Leon Habbal (Enemy)
    Niece:/b] Opal Habbal (Enemy)

    Genetically Half-Brother: Desmond Moore (Enemy)
    Genetic Great-Nephew: Delsin Unerth (Enemy)

    [Late Wife: Taris Ashford (Deceased)
    Children: Iceara Gallus, Prism Gallus, Pandora el Martyer
    Grand Children: Cith Hawthmoore, Nero Hawthmoore

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