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    Rodney McKay

    Personality : Condescending, Know-it-All, Genuis
    Status : Scientist
    Home Base : My Kidnapper's base.. I get kidnapped ALOT.. It's a very common occurance for me in any universe.

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    Species: Vampire
    Alignment: Genius

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    About Iceara Valeria-Lukyanova-Barbie-Doll-Scam+%282%29

    Name: Iceara Gallus
    Occupation: Servant, Princess (former)
    Country: Moorethor
    Species: Human / Akane
    A daughter of Albion King Vero and Taris. My Mother's suicide didn't help me feel needed by my parents.  I felt that maybe if I was good enough she would've lived for me but I wasn't. Maybe I was more of a burden. I was captured and turned into a servant for Moorethor. I have suffered 10 years of abuse but have accepted my fate of servitude.

     Later on I was kidnapped and brought back to my father. I was paranoid and suspicious of him and his people. Even as I started to believe them I desperately wanted to return to Moorethor, for my love of my lord Caesar. In the end, during the battle of Albion and the newly returned Desmond, I ran away without my sister. Desmond brought me back to the castle where I resumed my servant work. Then I ended up having Caesar's children. Nero and Cith.


    • Scrawny and thin boned.
    • Stockholm syndrome
    • Doesn't know how to fight.
    • Doesn't use her Akane side.


    • Beauty


    Taris (Mother) -(Deceased)
    Podwick Ashford (Uncle) - (Deceased)
    Lucien Ashford (Half Brother) - (Deceased)
    King Hepaci Gallus & Cookie (Grandparents) - (Deceased)

    Desmond Hawthorn (Uncle) - Ally
    King Caesar Hawthmoore (Cousin / Mate) - Ally
    Prince Nero (Son) - Ally
    Princess Cith (Daughter) - Ally

    King Vero (Father)

    Prism (Sister) 
    Petrus (Aunt)

    Leon (Uncle) - (Enemy)

    Opal (Cousin) - (Enemy)

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