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    Petrus Ashford
    Petrus's Bio Rppet_zps9059fbe3

    Age: 16
    Species: Akane/Aranemite/Nerok/Human

    Affiliated: Albion
    Status: (half ass would be Princess because her half Bro is King- Also since she was a true heir to Teto the Earl of Blakley that could have opened her into that world of prestige as well but by that time her birth father came to light she would have had to join the Golden Tower Priestesses to be selected as the Heir and Petrus does not do organized Golden Tower Temple rituals well at all.

    Personality: Angry Confused, Untrusting, Lost
    History: Petrus was conceived in one of her mother and Earl Tetos sexual rendezvous, and was brought up under a great lie. She thought she was a boy for many years and all she knew she was sick  or so they told her and that she had some illness that made her different. She accepted her parents  words and their overzealous protecting and hiding her from the public that wanted to see "him" so badly. "He" was very photogenic like his father Teto, and Petrus always gave the most oddly charismatic smiles, so strange for one so young and unknowing of the medias influence with intense long glances and actual thought out poses to the paparazzi. Petrus was a star child, the attention was on "him" and the feeding frenzy to get a picture was always in the atmosphere. Everyone was surprised since "he" was only 6 or 7 months old "he" could somehow sense the cameras on him and 'work it' real good.As Petrus grew so did the great want to get a glimpse of "him" The young Petrus for some reason found a way to smile through the window, "he " would move the curtains himself around three or four and just smile and wave and the press loved it. It became so bad Petrus was under watch to keep "him" from the windows. Petrus was bred to be a media whore like Earl Teto..all for the great plan ahead.

    Petrus was raised as a male by a Nannie mostly, as her Mother Cookie found a new thrill in bedding every pretty flower boy toy that strolled by. Petrus was close to Podwick and thought he was kind and hated her mother for hurting him. Her Brother Vero returned and things were looking up and Petrus adored him. He seemed stable in her falling apart surroundings.

     Then the good times were over way to fast and everything changed again for the worse. Vero was gone again and Petrus was devastated she thought he alone cared for her for who she was, the city was overtaken- became Moorthor –brutal, dark and menacing. Petrus was still placed in hiding in her room. Petrus knew her ageing mother was in constant heat for every young boy and kept two as her playthings, their fail marriage broke up and Petrus discovered her life up to that point was a lie from before she was even born.

    Podwick slowly and painfully went mad and ended himself and Cookie became obsessed with keeping her head and status and made a play to join the Golden Tower dark lords. Her new boy toys were some plastic surgery girly boy types that made her think of Teto and they were aligned to the Priestess as Alter boys. Cookie was a constant at the Golden Temple now.
    She became infatuated with Lady Nerissa power and wished to be as such, with a harem of girly boys to wet her appetite. She took to wearing gold from head to toe and skimpy clothing that showed every curve and crevice. She was called ‘Madame camel toe’  in whispers around town. Cookie still kept her youth for now as a set up. Then she was given the ultimatum she would lose her beauty and return to what she was underneath-with all the lies and the Mannon inspired miraculous plastic surgery. This is when Cookie planned on selling her only daughter Petrus out  for a higher position. The new Oracle wanted Petrus's body on her 16th birthday and that was the last day Cookie would retain her good looks, and if she did not obey and hand Petrus over Cookie would be her true self..and now she was indeed old and decrepit.

    The Oracle came to Petrus in dreams suddenly and spoke to her about her true hidden nature and her duties and who she was to be. Petrus thought she was having nightmares and tried hard never to sleep. The Oracle came into Petrus room with a group of Dark robed priestesses and told her she was to be measured for her coming out gown. Petrus fought them the best she could wondering why her guards or her mother didn’t save her from these people. In the end Petrus was made to do as they wished by shear force and strong arm tactics and they left laughing at her cursing swearing face.
    Petrus life became unbearable to her her whole world was turned upside down. Days later they came for her every few days they would come and force her to the tower for ritual bathes and creepy ceremonies she still to this day can’t erase from her head.
    Her mother’s  uncaring  betrayal once again stung like a million vipers, even after all she already had put her through. This was all Petrus needed to see the ultimate realty, to finally force her to realized she had no mother at all now- no loyalty in Moorthor, and  Cookie whatever she was when she was very small to Petrus was forever gone, and now she know she was a monster.
    Petrus shivered and tried to hide her fear behind angry screaming fits of rage at her mother as Cookie acted so proud of her daughter raised a boy standing shivering in some slut gold gown and dripping odd thick ointment from her pores shimmering gold and a sulfur like scent in tears on some alter. Petrus killed her mother a hundred times in her mind.

    Petrus would be 16 in two days and that is when she knew she would rather run and get killed in the out lands then be what they want of her in this Tower. Petrus runs to the only one place she Vero.

    Powers & Weakness: Her Weakness mostly make themselves know when she interacts with others. She appears cold and uncaring and others find her to be self-centered and standoffish a person who does not wish to be a part of a group at any cost. She is aggressive when put under a spot light and her tongue is a deadly weapon as she can cut one to threads with only a few words. She does not try to make nice and has no desire to be a part of any team or project. She works well alone and is intelligent and meticulous in every detail when given an assignment. She seems to have a big ass chip on her shoulder and acts very anonymous and A-sexual. She has zero feels for anyone romantically and she despises the very thought of dating, she sees it as a weakness in others and has no need of such things.  Petrus biggest issue other than her terrible upbringing and what makes her less than attractive, even though she is very pretty, is the big whopper that stares her down at every turn and never lets her forget her deep set painful emptiness inside of her- Petrus like her true father Teto was born Soulless and marked for evil to use and toss away.
    Her powers are unknown to her she only dwells in her suffering and is all emo and down. She has many powers waiting to be discovered if she opens herself to them. She does only love two things . She loves her half brother Vero and is loyal and a real bitch to anyone she feels demeans or finds fault in him in any way. She would take a bullet for him and has had many fist fights and shove matches with those in the city she thinks doesn’t appreciate King Vero as they should. She also has a secret love for nature and goes on unscheduled hikes in search of a small piece of greenery in the icy barren land. She keeps her small findings in a large glass jar hidden under her bed she tells no one.

    Parents: Teto La'Beu & Cookie Boholland (Deceased)
    Step Father: Podwick Ashford (Deceased)

    Half Brother: Vero Gallus (Ally)
    Nieces: Iceara & Prism Gallus

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