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    Species: Freak of Nature
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    Ettimay (May)

    May's Bio  Ettieeeee_zpsed35d3dd

    Age: 41, Birthday October 31st, 2250

    Species:  Atlantien Experimental Chimera

    Affiliation: Dragonrise, House Xern (Formerly)
    Status: Royalty (via recantation of King Dane’s wife)

    Personality: Melancholy, Somber, Driven
    Background: Ettimay  or at the time, ‘Racquekah’ was created with bloodmagic as Raluca Addams’s attempt to give an heir  to Lord Raginbar of the Xern  Clan in Neo-Atlantis. A captured slayer, Carry Fox was used in a sacrifice and some of his genetics got in the mix causing complications.   As the rite went wrong the soulless child was able to be used as a vessel to reincarnate a Starker for the Blue Planet Prophecy causing it to not be the powerful dark force it was intended to be.  After a year it was discovered the child was stripped of any title by Raginbar as she was sent to become a servant and renamed ‘Ettimay’. Despite being a slave and being frequently being the subject of abuse Ettimay still kept a sweet and optimistic outlook.  When she was 17 Mordred Quein convinced her to leave Atlantis as he knew she held the soul of Dane’s wife and wanted to reunite them.  She was rehabilitated and started training as a nurse. Later he left Ettimay was left with Beolan Starker’s residence as Beolan was the recantation of Dane himself. But Klaus Sulez fell for her instead; Ettimay was reluctant to be with him because he was a vampire and was a constant reminder of her past. She was one of the few original members of the crew that survived the countless disasters leading up to them becoming the pilgrimage. On the journey to the Blue Planet she managed to get passed it and did get together with Klaus. Only to later broke up with him over a misunderstanding over Tulloch Unerth.  When the team started traveling aboard a ship to the Blue, Ettimay was no longer a nurse and became Chief Medical officer specializing in natural treatment.  She was later accidently turned again this time by Klaus and while helped her get through it and they got back together. When Beolan restored her soul in place from it, it started to become apparent she was the recantation of Dane’s wife. She could not stop having feelings for Beolan as he was the recantation of Dane, causing a rift between her and Klaus again.  When Havenland crashed into the ship she fought for survival as the crew was hunted down by Hepaci Gallus. Ettimay survived the last battle to the beginning of the Blue’s creation but to free the soul to be with Dane she sacrificed herself thus losing her chance to ever go back. Her soulless body slowly mutated into a hagish creature and returned to get revenge on Havenland. She infiltrated the aristocrats from the inside and rebuilt the original underground tunnels in secret.  After a year on their own after being left behind Klaus and Ettimay managed to make up enough to run the Underground and fight Havenland. Raluca returned and tried as well to get Ettimay to be retorted to her original form before the soul was placed but the damage was already done. Despite numerous attempts, the powerful soul had burned into her causing it to act like a shadow of a soul enough for Ettimay to fight her nature and stay coherent enough to lead the resistance.  Her constant fighting Raluca and the Golden Tower has left her completely agonist all forms of magic. Unfortunately as a result of one of her times captured at  the Golden Tower she got pregnant with a magic chimera similar to herself.  The Egg was kidnapped during her wedding to Klaus and was hatched by Raluca in another ceremony. Ettimay managed to get her  baby back but later on lost Klaus when he got buried alive. As sole leader, Ettimay tried to get control of the throne while everything was falling apart under King Vero but Caesar Hawthmore rose and was the victor. After her Underground tunnel base was discovered and bombarded sometime between the fall of the Global reign and the apocalypse outbreak they had to fight to stay there. The base was almost blown into by the attacks but she and her then pet dragon Emerald managed to create a stronger fortress under the damaged base, now called Dragonrise. The fortress  smack dab in the middle of what were the old Scotland type land and now their surface territory.  
    Now: Dragonrise still stands and mostly is used as a apocalypse survivor base now a days as the fight taking Havenland (Now Moorthor) has proven  difficult at every turn.  May as returned to organizing sneak attacks to try to bring them down now as powerful assaults have proved fruitless. She more so focus on gathering building up the fortress and recurring more numbers in the hopes to one day get the Asteroid’s power source out of  the Hawthmoore control.  To counteract Caesar’s Dark Lord Flynn rule with encouraging the Starker Legends that were outlawed to be embraced once more.   As she held a large part in creating the Chimeras after Raluca was killed May was almost fatally wounded by the served link and her child, Constantine completely started to fail.  May has spent many years trying to find a way around the served magic affect and keep her son alive on her own. The pressure of trying to balance both her kingdom and fighting for her son’s life have taken its toll on her personality wise. She takes being Queen very seriously as she always tries to be seen as a high authority and tries her best to hide any weakness no matter what the circumstance. Her soullessness shows more now than ever but she tries to keep it in check always going opposite of her uncompassionate nature knowing it’s wrong. She dwells more now in her past life and what is expected of it more so then her current one, seeing it as nothing but sorrow .

    Past Life:
    Ettimay's soul was originally Astrid Starker. Normally the Followers of Dane do not believe in reincarnation but this was a special occurrence for the Blue Planet Prophecy. As Though the Stargate rp is only semi cannon to TLG I'll only state  what has been said of Astrid TLG.  She was born into the traveling and lost group of former god like beings called Xines.     They finely found a home with their alpha's sister and her husband, Zordlinn & Benjamin Starker with their swamp like planet. Astrid grew up along with the young Dane Starker but they were not as close in the years that followed. Astrid was not anything like Ettimay. Her personality was built on a completely different childhood and living conditions then Ettimay.  She had a very over protective  Uncle  who spoiled her,  she  ended aggravated him  to no end getting into trouble. Instead of being a doctor like him ,she inspired to make it in the Lytrasan Galaxy who were non to welcoming to the Xine. Years later when Astrid was with Dane  he had became President and things started to change. This was a olden time before the first apocalypse,  before overlords and the onslaught of never ending wars. When different aliens started to cross one another trouble started and begin to lead to where we are now. Astrid was cannibalized by Sheppard's during a encounter with a group of Sheppards from the first Atlants at the age of 35. She was survived by 3 daughters who became prominent in the legends as well.  As the soul was dead for hundreds of years in the afterlife it became more enlightened and powerful and it was with that that inprinted and burnt into the soulless baby Ettimay's system permitly effecting her even when it was removed.

    •Shape shifting is the trademark of the Xern Clan as they can both turn into a creature based on their  own DNA  or absorb the DNA of an outside source though an organ in their spine to become a carbon copy of the DNA source  for 2 hours at a time. As their DNA is very flexible they also have a very high healing rate and stay young longer.
    May’s trademark form is a black Wolf like Dragon hybrid creature.

    •High Ancient  Mental powers such as Telepathy, Mind reading, Telekinesis powerful enough to lift and crush,  and Astral projecting of her mind in out of body experiences.

    •Enhanced Speed, Strength and Senses of her vary of different species. Along with the ability to fly and shield with large bird/bat like wings.

    •She is also equipped with Venom that holds healing properties in her fangs and paralyzing saliva.  


    •Being a recantation of Dane’s wife her blood holds properties that if drank can grants them a power boost. This limits her to not to get close in a battle as the tide could turn if someone gets a bite.

    •May is vulnerable to energy and element attacks as her powers are drawn more mental and physical.

    •Magic and dark forces may not be able to alter her personality but it can hurt her and block her away from things. It is probably her greatest weakness as it is her biggest fear.

    Parents:Raluca Addams created her with the blood of Raginbar Xern & Constantine "Carry' Fox   (Deceased)

    Children:Paris Westen (At the Blue), Emerald Dragonrise, Constantine Suelz

    Mate: Klaus Sulez  (Formerly)  

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