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    Personality : Heroic
    Home Base : The Planet of Dane

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    Caesar Hawthmore
    Caesar's Bio Caeasar_zps8b3f635a
    Age: 17 (Birthday Jan 28, 2275)
    Species: Pure Trydien  

    Affiliation: Moorthor
    Status: Royalty (Via parents, Rulers of Olden day Havenland)
    Personality: Cruel, Sadistic & Steadfast

    Background: Caesar was a part of King Desmond and Queen Cersei’s litter.  A dark minion bestowed him with dark energy of evil doers after his birth to influence him as a future conqueror.   He quickly took center stage among the other babies and was his mother’s favorite, thus becoming the official heir to the throne of Havenland and the Global Empire. His life turned around for the worst when King Vero Gallus wished away his parents. The litter was taken by Raluca Xern and her coven to be killed off in a sacrifice as a way for their heir Prince Rasal (Now Constantine Sulez) to be one step closer to the throne. Caesar had greater knowledge for a child of his age and managed to transport away before being sacrificed like his siblings. Soon the baby was led to a young servant at the Golden Tower, Nelly (Now Nerissa) Living in a servants barely livable cell, most of the time hiding in his kitten tiger form and eating scraps young Caesar grew up holding on to the promise of his grand future to come. As such he became very devoted to the voices and dark influence guiding his survival in the impossible.  Living in the Tower so close to his siblings killer was hard.  But Caesar bought his time always watching and learning from his rivals.  Even as the Xerns raised their prince Rasal in such a way his mother treated him. It was then he gave up his mortal family and embraced something more that was being offered to him in the darkness.
    Now: After overthrowing Vero during the breakdown of Global, Caesar rebuilt what was once Global. Caesar renamed New Rome Incideia, his fist city repaired after the war and resides their as its new capitol. He named the Empire, MOORTHOR in honor of his family line that had almost been wiped out in Vero’s wish and Raluca Xern’s sacrificing.  Caesar has a strong personality and an air of authority about him. He is completely confident he can do anything. That he is a god even and that ruling a protected land from outside taint is life purpose.

    Powers and Weakness: Caesar has enhanced  senses and mental powers. The power of flight and speed. His hellfire abilities and can create gusts of blackfire at will from his hell blessed chakra energies. He has feline traits from the Trydien tigers.  Caesar hardly uses his powers as we would rather send out underlings to fight for him as he is scared of the throne being taken if he left far from it after coming so far. He is vulnerable to water and light powers.

    Parents: Desmond Moore & Cersei Hawthorn (Deceased)
    Siblings: Cecil, Flint, Cerberus, Slade, Tinsel, Elena, Sei Sei, Deslin Moore, Lucien Ashford, Destiny and many others (Deceased) Rue Moore
    Nieces & Nephew: Nerissa Moore Delsin Unerth, Opal Habbal  (Enemies to Brainwashed playthings)

    Children Nero & Cith Hawthmoore

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