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    Delsin Unerth
    Delsin Unerth

    Personality : Indifferent
    Status : Lab Rat
    Home Base : New Valeria

    Character Info
    Species: Monster
    Alignment: Wanderer

    Delsin's Bio Empty Delsin's Bio

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    Delsin Unerth
    Delsin's Bio Delrp_zpsb4e29eb8
    Age: 16 (Rapidly Aged Tyiden- Mentally Late 20s)
    Species: Trydien/Infected Vampire/Akane/Experiential Vampire-wolf Hybrid

    Affiliation: New Valeria, Dragonrise (Formerly)
    Status: Prince of New Valeria (Via sister, Princess Opal Habbal)

    Personally: Intelligent, Disconnected, Twofaced, Indifferent  
    History: Delisn grew up with his military driven father, Tulluch Unerth  in a state of content study and training to be powerful. It in turned caused a lot of psychological damage to his already warped genetics.  He was a part of Desalin Moore’s second litter. She died not long after he was born during the Residence’s attack at the Global Tower.  During training Tulloch pitted Delsin and his sibling’s agonist their half siblings to the death. Tulloch had the hopes his children would inherit their dead half siblings heir title. When it didn’t work out as planed Tulloch plotted to kill Queen Cersei and her new heirs making him and his children wanted.   They lived on the run infecting city and city with their mutant strain of infection that only grew worst in time wiping out hundreds of the asteroid’s weak species.   The hybrid group held out for a while outside the Dome at an old Global outpost raiding Albion for supplies.  Tulloch was killed by Leon Habbal during a mission. Delsin was so impressed with Leon’s animal form he followed   the creature back to the underground residence. (Later became Dragonrise)  in the hopes to find the one responsible to learn how to be stronger than his dead teacher.  May and Klaus ended up letting him stay  there and Delsin hardly made any attempt to fit in  with his very arrogant upbringing. Delsin lost his spoiled attitude after years of being seen as an outcast and living in servitude.  He was a productive members of the Underground and later when they were building there new home, Dragonrise. He became a master in the Battle Guild  and often worked with Emerald on new techniques in warfare and fighting. Both of them never quiet on the field making them earn great respect for one another. Despite his position in Dragonrise. He had a falling away at the end it was an easy choice to leave it with the rest of his family. Especially since he and Emerald recently broke up which lead to a bad fight between him and Constantine Sulez  causing Delsin to feel Queen May's wrath.  Delsin has now followed Leon to his newly captured city, New Valeria.   But even after leaving, things got awkward in his new group as well when Leon’s surviving child, Opal found out Delsin was among those who killed the other siblings.  It makes him uncomfortable as he knows he should feel bad about it but he doesn't. He is very torn on many aspects of emotion and action and has a lot under the surface he is keeping down. He was made a prince due to his familial ties with Opal it has brought up some of his father's high kingly hopes for him in the back of Delsin's mind. After his capture and time at  Moorthor Delsin turned alot more darker and warped by his evil family.

    Delsin is a powerful mix of strong species and has many abilities.  

    He has enhanced strength, speed and senses.

    Flight from his mutated vampire bat like wings.

    Is capable of Mind Speak  and Reading but is lacking the usual Trydien mental powers. He is grounded by being a hybrid, all his attacks are in the physical field.

    His  hybrid  beast form holds traits from both feline and canine aspects making a very bulky and strong physical force.

    Akane 9 Lives (He has 4 Akane lives left after losing five already in his dangerous way of life)

    As comes with being very  powerful Delsin has great weaknesses from all his species.

    He is fatally allergic to water more so then normal trydiens who just cant swim.

    Delsin is also very sensitive to lights and loud noises and requires a heavy diet to stay fit which is hard to come find.

    He is often weaken from lack of basic care as he doesn't put enough effort in himself anymore.

    Family Tree
    Parents: Tullech Unerth & Deslin Moore (Deceased)
    Siblings: The mutant Hybrid Army (Deceased)
    Half Siblings: Timothy,  Marina  Habbal, Daymond Hawthorn (Deceased) Opal Habbal (Ally)  

    Grandparents: Siera McKay (Deceased) & Desmond/Jesse Moore (Enemy)
    Aunts & Uncles:  Ceil, Emmett, Elena, Flint, and  Cerberus Moore    (Deceased)    Lucien Ashford  (Deceased)      Sei Sei and the little sisters   (Deceased)     [strike] Destiny and the other Hawthmore babies,  Rue  (Deceased)  Caesar Hawthmoore (Enemy)
    Great Cousins: Nerissa Auluma (Enemy) Cith and Nero Hawthmore (Annoyances)

    Half Great Uncles: Leon Habbal (Ally) Vero Gallus (Enemy)
    Half Great Cousins: Prism and  Iceara Gallus, (Enemies)

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