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    Personality : Insane, Crazy, Psycho
    Status : Former God of Hell
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    About: Rue 600full-caleb-landry-jones

    Name: "Rue" Hawthmoore
    Birthday: January 28, 2275
    Age: 16
    Species: Trydein, Energy Being, Tiger
    Personality: Quiet on the outside, and conflicted on the inside. He tries to appear unemotional and uncaring, while burying his true emotions to not feel anything. He's actually really depressed and suicidal. He sees the world as a unchangeable sadness that can't be escaped from.
    Country: Moorethor
    Status: Royal
    Occupation: Prince of Moorethor
    History: After the wish that Vero made to kill King Desmond to try to take Global's Throne , Desmond could no longer come back to life in his own dissipated body. It was forever gone. The Dark lord Flynn sent Desmond's spirit back into the mortal plane to find new life. Desmond accomplished this by inhabiting the body of his own dead, runt of the litter son, Rue, who was originally killed by Raluca. Desmond began new life placing himself in his new self's old memories. Reincarnated in Rue. His half sister Sei Sei found him and secretly raised him.
    Now, Rue tries to live a different life but can he when theirs no way he can run away and escape his own subconscious mind, which happens too be his only strength.

    About: Rue 16-8811


    • Rue has mind centered powers because of having massive brain waves from the memories and entities locked inside his subconscious.
    • Mind Powers - Telepathy, Transfer Mind Senses, Telekinesis, Truth/ Lie Detector
    • Energy Power - Energy Barrier
    • Tiger - Agility & Climbing Skills


    • Rue is physically weak, scrawny and not strong.
    • He's weak and sickly, due to being the runt, and deadly injuries he received when a baby messed him up.
    • Black Blood Disease
    • Depression, and Suicidal

    Cersei & Topaz- Mother & Surrogate (Deceased)
    Desmond - Father/ Past Reincarnation (deceased/ subconscious)
    Sei Sei - Half Sister/ Adopted Mother (Deceased)
    Lucien - Half Brother (Deceased)
    Caesar - Brother (Ally)
    Prism Gallus - Half Cousin (Ally)
    Iceara Gallus - Half Cousin (Ally)
    Delsin Unerth - Nephew (Enemy)
    Opal Habbal - Niece (Enemy)

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