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    #1: Follow all the main forum hosts rules and guidelines and respect them. It is thanks to this site we are here to have fun.

    #2: No OOC drama. Unlike our last site I can ban on here now. Do not make me. Make sure you understand the difference between in character and out of character problems. Characters can be nasty and mean but they can not be directed onto the writer. If it gets to personal or upsetting to you. It’s just a game let it go and have a good time. Lets be happy with the new forum and play nice.

    #3:  Be literate and use your grammar skills or at least use spell check.  TRY to not post sentences this is a forum. No more pictures or gifs, just let your writing skills go and be creative. Details to bounce off of are fun for your writing partner to go off of.
    #4: Due to the nature of the role-play  themes will be dark. If you cant handle these topics maturely or just  not comfortable with them, I do not suggest joining or reading any further. This doesn’t mean go out of hand. Don’t take things to far on here.  I would rather you plot some character invoking backstories  then write out all the bad deeds done.  Implying is your friend and is less uncomerable in general. Don’t make a joke of things that are serious, commit to the storyline you are taking and understand how it affects others around you if you choose to go there.  

    #5:  Be active. If you miss a few days you could easily become lost. This roleplay is very fast. Please leave a message if you will not be active for a period of time. If you’re gone for more than 3 months without a reason or even a message, your character will be killed off and added to the graveyard.

    Roleplay Guidelines

    As you can see this new format our fractions play a more driven part.  Categories out our different territories and parts of our bases encourage community writing among a group and building character interaction and relationship building and general working togetherness on the common goal.  

    When a battle has been planned one uses the ‘land’ forum of a category as it is the territory around their base.

    Example:  If trying to raid Dragonrise one would attack using the ‘Highlands’ topic

    Writers should challenge one another with attacks and counter attacks but don’t take it to far. I don’t want to see a fraction wiped out after the first battle.  Stealing supplies, causing damages, and capturing enemies is more encouraged Outside battles, fractions leaders should  also patrol their lands regularly  from rouges making camp there and also stealing supplies.
    No man’s land forum is a general neutral zone for more interaction or smaller fights and adventuring stories.

    No  OC limit is set right now but this is a fresh RP lets not go overboard as we are staring out. Try to keep a mixed group so you have many possibilities to post. Please be considerate of the time and energy it takes to edit in your new character into the character list and story line and also think about if anything will affect others in general.

    Keep REAL LIFE out of the storyline as well this is a fantasy-alien  apocalypse ridden world  in the year 2290 don’t bring up 20th century problems and real life events and pop cultural things please

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