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    Species: Multispecies
    Alignment: Delinquent

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    Jupiter Beckett

    Jupiter's Bio  Jupold_zps472515d5

    Age: 42
    Species: Saray/Orc Hybrid/Neeb/Kao/Human/Furling/Wraith/Ancient

    Affiliation: Moorthor
    Status: Royal Enforcer

    Personality: Egoistic, Cold, Self Entitled  
    History: Jupiter grew up with his mother’s homeless clan of hippie orc-hybrids.  Long since separated from the Beckett empire that created them they traveled in poverty though the cities always the victim of another. At 12 he grew tired of having nothing and ran away to make it for himself. He has a bitter chip on his shoulder which he hides with his charismatic personality and his way with words. Gregory Tytress found him on the streets one day when he was 16 fighting for money. He and Teto La’Beu nursed him back to heath enough to leave. He believed  he shined bright enough to make it solo but soon enough he found his way back to the boys hiding along the abandoned broken down home. Jupiter has a perfect voice and can write sensitive beautiful lyrics. Gregory helped him see his talents more profoundly. Jupiter was set in motion to be the lead singer and head of that department while Gregory worked in designing art and fashion. They all had to live under extreme poverty and dangerous times. They found other lost boys in the street, Bentley and then Matteh joined next.  Gregory fell for Bentley but Jupiter stole him first. He still acted straight and had women on the side for show keeping it a secret to the fans and to hide his insecurities.  Later he got tired of Bentley s and the new more grownup Teto was there to catch his eye.  He became obsessed with Teto and wanted him to leave the group with him to start their own. They performed an illicit goodbye on stage to anger the team and as Jupiter’s official coming out. But weeks later Teto came back to them. Jupiter was heartbroken and took to the hash house. Gregory found out and got him to rehab. He was invited back to the team as soon as he was sober. The team had moved into Blakely Manor and now work at SHIMMER having found a place in the higher ups.  Jupiter tried to fit back in after the scandal but was still the odd one out.  He learned from he had the blood of the past Overlord Boron Beckett and after getting killed by Klaus Sulez he Saray style resurrected he started working more on  discovering new abilities and powers.  He managed to become close to Bentley again and though him Jupiter became close to Queen Cersei Hawthmore. With being at the top and with almost god like powers it went to Jupiter’s already big head over the years.
    Now: Jupiter is a solider till for house Hawthorn. Their global rein has long since been over but he still protects their one city and is enjoying the privileges that come with it living in Moorthor. He lost Bentley during the collapse and is bitter about that. He hates music and dance and anything that reminds him of the old band.  He likes to now vent at his job destroying the rebel fractions and other apocalypse hazards of the area.
    Powers and Weaknesses: Jupiter’s abilities include enhanced strength, speed, and senses. His beast form is an energy  tiger like creature and he shares its feline traits. He can teleport  at will in an blue energy cluster that can also be used as an aerial weapon if desired. His powers are solar meaning he needs to recharge once and awhile. Given there is no suns left since the Great Freeze. Jupiter relies on the artificial sun of the Dome that he take in solar power baths. His polar opposite the energy  of the moon can render him powerless and weak at the very light of it. As the moons are also frozen this can be brought out also artificially.

    Parents: Tamson Gome & Misty Mayhem  (Deceased)
    Parental Grandparents: Bell Boots & Brew Gome (Deceased)
    Maternal Grandparents: Moopsie Mayhem & Doodle Cerberus  (Deceased)
    Great-grandparents: Overlord Boron Beckett & Pele Morgan (Deceased)
    Great Aunt & Uncle: Queen Blyth Boots, King Jaidon Beckett  (Deceased)
    Few times Great-GreatCousin: Rowan Tytress (Enemy)

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