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    Adamaous Rapce
    Adamaous Rapce

    Personality : Calm, Collected ;D
    Status : Witch/Gypsy
    Home Base : N/A

    Character Info
    Species: Human
    Alignment: Rouge

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    Post by Adamaous Rapce on Sun Feb 09, 2014 7:50 pm

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    Adamaous Rapce:

    Age: 54

    Species: Human/Witch

    Affiliation: Dragonrise

    Status: Scientist

    Personality: Calm and Collected Wink

    History: Grew up in a traveling camp of Witches and Gypsies. Unfortunately not long before his fiance and him were meant to be wed, she ran away with another. Cursed, and confused Adamaous spent his years making himself the best witch he could be until he met up once again with his long lost wife in Havenland. There, he worked in the Gold Tower for a time before being captured by rebels and having his mind wipe in an accidental turn of events. 15 years later Adam still remains in the tunnels helping Ettimay and Noomi keep things running during Klaus' absence.

    Wife: Mooni Rapce
    Father: Olaf Sulez Wink

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