King Sorin's Wives #4: Kristen Veritas

    King Sorin's Wives #4: Kristen Veritas Empty King Sorin's Wives #4: Kristen Veritas

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    Kristin Veritas
    King Sorin's Wives #4: Kristen Veritas Tumblr_otdbrw0IA61rnz2qoo7_r2_400
    Age: 130 (At death)
    Species: Lorper

    Kristen was one of the first of the new generation that came out of the post apocalypse and got the privilege of more a modern life. She lived in the hidden tranquilly village. The people of that time took for granted the peace and quiet, lack of monsters and fear for year life the previous generation had and became soft and selfish. Kristen lived the life of a self-centered high school teenager and dealt with pety first world problems. She came from the Veritas clan, her mother Helen Veritas had married one of the hybrid Billis clones who was rehabilitated into ‘Bill’ She had two little brothers, Kyle and Kain. The long and bloody history of the family’s vampire slaying days was long forgotten. Even her grandfather, Christian Veritas kept quiet and retired. Everything changed when vampires found the village and peace was shattered yet again. Instead of the apocalypse’s infections monsters, literal demons from hell were released. Young Kristen was unprepared for such evil.
    Destruction of society
    Dark olden day magic and god like enties were unleashed and the village tried to save the young people by sending them away in a bus. The bus was intersected by Kenmore forces to experiment and torture on the survivors. Kristen became separated from her family and most of them were lost or killed in horrible ways. Kristen was among those rescued by the Starkers and taken aboard a ship.  They went to Earth for safety at this time and stayed in hiding.
    The Kingdom of Dane and the ARC:
    Kristen’s abandoned baby would grow up to be adopted by cruel drug addicts who would turn her resentful towards all aliens including the Starkers’. Kelly Lloyd would go on to start a rebellion with the lower class Sheppard that would be known as the Great Eden Wars. By the time Dane and his people, including Kirsten arrived it was insanity. This brought much shame on House Veritas after coming to light. Christian Veritas took it upon himself as the head patriarch to take in Kelly’s children, Cheryl and Ephraim . Kirsten would have nothing to do with them in the long run as she had her own family and children at this point.  
    Aboard ARC, a massive ship now carrying all the alias in the alliance and some human countries that has fled earth life went on in a new way. Kristin was still a hunter and participated in the exterminating of the Sheppards and Wraith to take back space.  Despite wiping out a good chunk of their enemies and capturing the rest to make a clean world at last the Kingdom of Dane fell to a curse in the end and nothing went well for Kirsten and her family either in the dispersion of the ARC’s people.

    Cursed Age
    Kristen now aged and hardened into a masterful killer and hunter of evil remains one of the last of the Veritas Clan. Not in blood but in the true, destiny of their people. To fight evil and bring justice. Kristen is not a perfect Veritas in anyway as her faith is but none. She is a darkened Lorp with much deceit and dishonor staining and stifling her power as a slayer of darkness. After the war with the Xerns Coven and the threat of Neoatlantis she married King Sorin to unite her remaining people with Neoplanet to gain back their glory of old. She knows full well Sorin is a creature of evil not one of light but does not care if it can only benefit her.

    Parents: Helen Veritas & Billis Entaink

    Brothers: Kain and Kyle

    Great Nephews: Francisco and Larson McGuiness

    Most likely all dead by TLG

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