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    As the times changes and more alien dna was added to Boron’s hybrid mix they became less and less ‘human’ looking and more monstrous then Michael's
    The original hybrid families changed generation to generation as well now hardly human at all.

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    Later on in the series the hybrids are given more a human look again but most of the 100 year curse they were much more alien.

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    Snip & Stitch were from a long-lasting hybrid family of the olden days of the Kenmore Reign, the Stones.


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    Age: 44 (at death)
    Species: Michael’ s Hybrid
    Snip served as a medical hybrid in Beckett territory, as a young hybrid he was given the unfortunate duty of castrating the experiments that were dubbed failures and not fit to carry on good genes to the mix.  That is why he is called Snip. He moved up in the ranks to full on surgeries and experimentation on mutating and creating new hybrids out of the prisoners.  He was very serious, work driven and showed little emotion from years of prisoners calling for help around him. He just did not care. He later worked in the labs for King and Queen Boron and Jean’s hives in space. He joined the work on the Dentree Virus after his brother, Snip Stone was infected.
    After the Curse, Snip along with the entire hybrid race was finely freed after the death of the overlords.  They were ‘cured’ of the hybrid treatments and looked much more human He was living on the hybrid Neoplanet with the Wilbecks who were raising his niece Beckie Wilbeck. When the infection hit they escaped to the New Planet of Dane. Snip took a job at the local school. He was caught teaching hybrid propaganda and banned from working. He joined the hybrid peacecore and moved to their district till Jaidon Becket and Blyth Becket returned and forced him to return to slavery once again. He escaped the planet via ship with the Wilbecks and went to another universe.

    Life in the alternate timeline

    There was no Boron in this time period, it was still Michael's age so Snip was converted to an original hybrid and served a new master. He had no more memories of his past life and adapted completely to a new persona.

    Affiliation: Beckett Dominion
    For a time, Kingdom of Dane but he betrayed them in the end


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    Age: Immortal
    Species: Michael’ s Hybrid
    Later, Dentree virus infected

    Stitch served as a laboratory hybrid in Beckett territory. He was quite young for his position but was the best out of his unit and promoted quickly. As a young hybrid, he was still quite emotional and not as driven as some of the others though. He was prone to skipping work from time to time and trying to pick up females. Stitch worked under Boron Beckett and Jean Sheppard on their hives, his best friend Henry Willbeck was his assistant. Dr Stitch made the Dentree experiment and studied its effects and capabilities. But Stitch himself got infected by the Dentree virus and ended up being studied. The virus infected everyone differently, in the hybrid’s cases it made them basically immortal.  He had a child with another infected patient, Jem Robinson who he saved after she was killed.
    After the curse his daughter, Beckie Wilbeck went on to be raised by Henry as Snip was gone through much of the time period. He was accidently locked away in an old Beckett bunker and only found years later as his people were enslaved again. As he is immortal he went on to be taken as a ‘sample’ of the new Infected species by Neoatlantis’s grid.

    How they appear after being treated and cured of hybridism

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