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    The Parta Triplets  Tumblr_osp3gjC9DC1rnz2qoo3_500

    Age: 36 (at death- 2274)
    Born January 19, 2238
    Species: Human

    Early History:
    The oldest of three triplets, their mother Clementine died in childbirth so Angelic, Anastasia and Amanda were raised by a strict father, Atticus Parta.  Clementine was a descendant of Lucile Casadine and were the triplets got their amazingly almost magical silky red hair. She learns about this later in life when she discovered she could read minds sometimes almost telepathic.  He father kept them locked up and encouraged they learn housewife skills of 18th century ladies for when he could locate decent human husbands for them.  Angelic was rebellious to her status in life had fallout with the family when she ran away from home.
    Courtesan Years
    On her own Angelic did what she had to do to survive. She worked sexual favors to get around places and make a small living. She was quickly snatched up by Madam Fantine who introduced her to the courtesan life which was much more glamorous then a regular whore. Angelic was requested by many men for her rare hair color. The Old Earl of Blakey bought her for a time and pattered to her every need and want with his great wealth.  She ran away discovering he was a very cruel man with dark secrets.
    Havenland – becoming Amanda
    Angelic came to Havenland along with many of the remaining humans out of hiding, but on her first night there she was supposedly ‘murdered.’ Her twin ‘Amanda’ came to town and tried to solve the murder. It was later discovered ‘Amanda’ was in fact Angelic, who was impersonating Amanda to get her inheritance as Angelic was disowned. It’s been rumored Angelic murdered her twin, Amanda and took over her life. Her old friends (and lovers), Tony Brain, George Cavendish and Hepaci Gallus helped her get away withit. With Amanda’s inheritance now hers, Angelic no longer needs to live the life of a courtesan.  She could start again with a clean reputation. Pretending to be her sister is not hard for her but Amanda never had a temper, while Angelic has a quick temper with no control over it. She enjoyed life in Havenland to the fullest as a new Amanda persona. Amanda adopted Jesse/Desmond Moore’s child believing him to be a small white fluffy kitten. He turned into a little boy who she named Thomas and raised to adulthood as he rapidly aged.
    The Governor’s Wife
    After a on and off again relationship with Hepaci they got married and had a young son, Skylar.  As the first lady of Havenland she really had  to control her temper for politics. When his cheating was made public she demanded a divorce. It was very messy and a very publicized fight for all of the town to see. Amanda started dating Dominic Preposulo. Hepaic was still madly in love with her and tried to win her back but she would have done of it. She resided in the Brownstone Townhouse will her family and servants till it mysteriously exploded in a fire killing everyone.


    The Parta Triplets  Tumblr_osp3gjC9DC1rnz2qoo1_500
    Amanda was the 'good girl' out of the three Parta triplets. She was slow to a temper and obedient to the authority set over here. She often fought with Angelic over responsibility and family honor and duty.  When Angelic ran away and Anastasia was lost, she alone was left  to care for their elderly father.  Like many humans she was found and brought to Havenland for her safety. Angelic was there, demanding a piece of the family inheritance of her dead father's savings. Amanda was overwrought to pure anger for the first time feeling betrayal. The sisters fought it out quite violently. Amanda was murdered by Angelic who then took her identity and inheritance. No one knew and everyone thought Angelic was dead and the good Amanda was still alive among them.

    Amanda did not have any children- but her name is recorded as Hepaci's wife and Skylar's mother as Angelic was impersonating her


    The Parta Triplets  Tumblr_osp3gjC9DC1rnz2qoo2_1280
    Early History
    Anastasia was the long lost Parta triplet.  More many years only Amanda and Angelic were known, they never spoke of their third sister. After what happened to Anastasia the whole family fell apart and never talked about her again.  She grew up happily with the rest of her sisters in their cabin , always in hiding as they were humans.  SOMETHING happened to young  Anastasia and she was hidden away from the incident. While being consumed by a coma the Old Earl found her. He placed Anastasia inside a statis pod. He wanted to always keep his ‘Angelic’ at that perfect age to himself.
    Awakening in Modern Havenland
    When the Old Earl returned as a ghost to give a gift to Havenland he announced this revelation that was Anastasia and freed the young girl. She ran away from the castle, down into the slums where she lived a life of poverty to make up for the lavishness of her family. She lived among the leaper infected under a great bridge tending to their wounds. She later fled to Queen Prism’s secret garden when the lepers were kicked out of the bridge during a festival as a health risk. She still has not aged passed her teens as that was the Old Earl’s wishes. She had been genetically alternated. Anastasia longed to find peace and freedom outside the fake global Dome but discovered a wasteland of death and terror.
    Dragonrise & Harmony Guild
    Anastasia  was one of the rare few who heeded the warning and was taken onto a space base by the rebels to wait out the black smoke on the surface. She spent 5 years with the group and assisted in keeping alive the precious plan and animal life as they waited the storm out. Once the doors were unlocked and Anastasia was given a choice to spread out and explore she ventured on projects surrounding resources and spreading out seeds and livestock to the other Danite communities set up. Anastasia enjoyed the early days of being outside again when all was peaceful. When the enemy began to come out of hiding things got dark and Anastasia could not travel to and fro offering her talents and charities. So, she came to Ettimay’s new capitol, Dragonrise. Her sharp mind and loving/giving soul was a perfect match as Guildmaster of Harmony. She hosted holidays for the group and organizes the transportation of fresh produce and animals to the other communities’ which are now delivered by others. For years she gave back to Dragonrise where she could but still found scandal and shame like her sisters.
    Mother of a new age:
    Her blood mixed with Miko’s flesh accidentally creating a ‘skin baby’ named Auburn. She tried to have a relationship with Miko but it did not work out and she married Sydney Mckay.  All three of them had Soma, Jeriko and Ariadne during another accident. While pregnant with twins
    she was taken to NeoAtlantis to be preserved for another time. Her twins Attis and Athena's DNA were used to restart the pure human race during the digital age of Gridlock. Anastasia's natural fate is unknown, its  likely her DNA went to create more humans to exist in the computer world.

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