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    Captain Moshaniqquahtae

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    Age: Unknown- most likely in his 100s
    They live very long lives.
    Species: Krawl

    Captain Moshaniqquahtea is a Krawl alien creature that resembles a bug from far away space. When the curse hit they came from vortexes to ravish and scavenge the broken lands.  They can not speak like we do and have to use click noises and static tones.  They use translators to speak  but sometimes will use hologram tech to appear humanoid to throw people off.  Captain is quite fair for his kind and does not start fights, but he is still blood thirsty he will pick off anything boron's hybrid leave behind for trade and barter. He likes to  live very well and hide behind the lesser species his race has enslaved.
    He has one young daughter that Hepaic kills to frame Beolan.
    Beolan kills him years later.


    Gallus Pirate Ship Crew Tumblr_oslry2tVaQ1rnz2qoo3_r1_1280

    Name:  Unknown. She is so old everyone just keeps calling her ‘Granny’
    Age: Unknown
    She claims to have been born free on the old Akane homeworld over 100 years ago before the curse.
    Species: Akane

    A killer of 1,000 no 10,000 men, she keeps changing her story every time and no one knows what’s true anymore.  She is a very old pet of the Krawl pirates, most her age are killed/eaten as they grow useless but she’s kept around as a sort of mascot for the ship. Captain Moshaniqquahtae respects her.
    She stays usually in her big feline beast form as her humanoid form is so scared/burnt and mangled it frightens people.   Not that this form is any prettier, as a lioness she is missing fur/ toes and is still heavily disfigured.
    She mothered many cubs but all were sold to other ships or eaten during famine times. She has a cold dead heart without much to give. Her son Hemlock is still on the ship with her having been kept by the caption. She likes to embarrass him and his sons,  Hepaci and Huckle talking crazy talk or making vulgar foul humor, slam on the back of the head with her stub hand. That’s a as close as affection as she gives them.

    Fate unknown
    In season 3 Hepaic chases Beolan on a ghetto planet and encounters his grandmother living among the ladies of planet love so she outlives most of the pirates to have made it to this time period.


    Gallus Pirate Ship Crew Tumblr_oslry2tVaQ1rnz2qoo1_1280
    Age:  42
    Species: Typical multispecies of many aliens that were not kept track of properly in the cursed times
    He for sure had Akane and Neeb blood

    Hemlock is one of ‘Granny’s many cubs, father unknown as she got around in those days.
    He grew up while the ship was docked on a hybrid planet for repairs so he was able to develop Neeb planet life powers. The same powers his great granddaughter Prism inherited many many years later. No one was really impressed with his ability to make weeds in a metal covered factory planet and he was instead trained early as he could to go out into the busy streets and steal from hybrids and slaves working away for Boron’s kingdom. He stole as much as he could but he was still not making his masters happy. They wanted entertainment one night drunk at the bar and threw teenage Hemlock  into a pit with a rabid half transformed hybrid woman, resulting in Hep.
    The shame was real.
    Adult Hemlock became quite easily irritation and annoyance with a bad attitude and bitterness towards his lot in life.  He never became a high ranking slave and was always a lacky to his masters.  While in one of Boron’s prison camp for a time he fell in love with another prisoner here and had Huckle. He favors his youngest son a lot more then Hepaci.
    Back in space, his powers over nature elements sap away from not being grounded enough to use them much anymore. It did give his Akane lion form a green mossy look , as his unnatural green colorings is a moss like substance that grows atop his fur.

    Fate/death unknown


    Gallus Pirate Ship Crew Tumblr_oslry2tVaQ1rnz2qoo4_r1_500
    Age:  17
    Species: Typical multispecies of many aliens that were not kept track of properly in the cursed times
    He for sure had Akane and Neeb  and human blood

    ‘Huck ‘is Hepaci’s little brother. He has a positive and forgiving outlook on life despite his insane home aboard a pirate ship. He is a believer in the long-lost Starker heir returning and breaking the curse. He fully believes one day his family will be normal and happy, though he has never seen normalcy in this horrible world he feels it is out there. He is just a delusional lad that may have been dropped on his head a few times as a babe.

    Fate/death unknown but he dies young to traumatize Hepaci Twisted Evil

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