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    Leon Habbal:

    Age: 18

    Species: Akane/Neeb/Valerian/Replicator/Pagan

    Affiliation: New Valeria

    Status: King

    Personality: Strong willed, Noble, Just

    History: Grew up in a custody battle between his mother and father, Leon learned how to cope amongst the chaos of war at an early age. At age 17 he became a father as a result of being brainwashed during his captivity with Cersei (his fathers wife). After loosing the majority of his kids from a feud between himself and an ex-tunnel soldier, Leon lost all hope in things getting any better until Klaus took him on as a mentor teaching him foundational skills with keeping strong in the subtle face of adversity.

    Brother: Vero Gallus
    Mother: Zevia Habbal/Jara
    Father: Hepaci Gallus

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