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    Personality : Crazy, Psychotic, Insane
    Status : Infected Queen / Cast Out Vampire Coven Princess

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    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Siera McKay's Bio Empty Siera McKay's Bio

    Post by Siera on Wed Jun 28, 2017 9:22 pm

    Age: Rapidly aged/ Time travel
    Species: Infected/ Vampire
    Personality: Crazy
    (Season 1):
    The daughter of Rodney and Sam McKay. A psycho vampire. S
    he killed different people and messed with her Brother Akey’s mind to make him help her. She killed Ryder, Lasha and Spot. She joined Boron and Jean. Boron rapidly aged her so she
    wouldn’t upset Jean. She originally died from being staked by Zor.
    (Season 2):
    She came back to the living by the virus restoring her into
    a mutant. She evolved and became more than an ordinary mutant. She can use her vampire telepathy to control and give orders to her practically mindless zombie army. She had been blending in with the other vampire’s on Dane’s planet. Later she pushed herself and Bash into the black hole on Dane’s planet before it closed.
    (Season 3 reveal):
    She had a daughter during her time in hiding in season 2 named Rainbow, who she had with Goth. She however, abandoned her to Goth’s brother Ethan sometime before her death and never mentioned her to anyone, probably because she just didn’t care.
    Years later in the void of darkness, where there are no stars, Desmond found a rip in the black hole  There he salvaged the remains in hope to find a new planet. Instead he found Siera. She was just barely alive due to her infect nature, Desmond was able to put her pieces that remained together using a similar but more advanced technique he tried to do on his aunt and uncle. He was able to seal her bits away and place her together in an old suit. The two got together and Sei Sei was born and later on little sisters, and Desalin. Siera came to Havenland to reclaim her long lost daughter, Rain McKay. However they decided to stay there instead of living in cold space. Siera got a position in the Global Community with the media department and did commercials for them and the news.

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