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    Venedict Lutvic
    Age: 21
    Species: Sanguinem

    Affiliation: Danite
    Status: Full-fledged Member of the Armory Guild (Armory Attendant and Maintenance work)  

    History: Venedict was born in the Golden Tower’s glory days before Raluca Xern’s coven was driven out. He was the son of one of the Golden soldiers as it was required to have offspring before being turned to preserve bloodlines. Times were good for the group when Raluca was Global Oracle. Then Caesar and Rue Moore took over, Neressia Moore cleaned out the Golden Tower leaving the group homeless and forever cursed in their bat forms. They went to Ettimay Sulez for help but were meant with scorn over the past. Ettimay agreed to take the children who would freeze outside but cut them off from any interaction with their vampire fathers. Venedict lived in her traveling camp of freedom fighters struggling to adapt to their ways. He was one of the older kids and knew what was going on but had no choice in the matter. He is always in the middle of being grateful for having a place to stay yet bitter about how so. He mostly just goes with the flow and keeps to himself. His ‘disability’ is problematic for the harsh lifestyle the rebels live, after much debate over where he would be assigned after his apprentice ship was over he was held behind for a few extra years. Now he has found a way to contribute as the residence’s storehouses were dark and hidden deep in the depths of the asteroid giving Venedcit a easier time working in as a part of the Armory Guild

     Strength and speed
    Mind Speak and Hypnotizing
     Shield Casting
    Echo Location

    Loud Sounds and bright lights

    Parents : Sabre Lutvic & Selected  Mate  (Deceased)
    Grandparents: Pavilion McGee & ? (Deceased)
    Great-Grandfather: Snaggy McGee (Deceased)
    Great Uncle: Raginbar Xern the Second 

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