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    Species: Mixed Breed
    Alignment: Insane

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    Post by Mordred on Sun Feb 15, 2015 1:11 am

    Name: Venus Beckett
    Age: 15 or 16
    Species: Templar/ Nerok (Can just call them Templars now to much interspecies breeding to list all dat ;P Jup made enough for his own race now )

    Affiliation: Moorthor Empire
    Status: Templar Cadet

    History: Venus is one of Jupiter Beckett’s children. After her mother Sakkara died of unknown complications from her lifestyle as a prostitute Venus came to live with Jupiter and Bentley  as their child. She was spoiled rotten by them and was always a big part of their store SHIMER (Later became TREASURE then DAZZLE). Venus never took to the fashion industry despite her parent’s interests.  There was always so much going on with the wars causing Venus not really caring about anything frivolous. She became very serious as she grew older.  After Bentley diedit was then she became interested in Jupiter’s work for the Moore brothers, Caesar and Rue and his important role keeping the empire safe with the wall. It was around that time the Templar army was being formed and Venus wanted to be apart.

    Strength and Speed
    Rapid Healing
    Mind Speak
    Ability to escape into their species zipper world

    Needs solar energy’s to use powers.
    Becomes weak and vulnerable in contact with lunar energies

    Parents: Jupiter Beckett &  Rain Sakura (Deceased)  
    Half Siblings: Apollo Beckett, Aberash Beckett, Thea Beckett and Many others
    Nephew: Castor Beckett
    Parental Grandparents: Tamson Gome & Misty Mayhem  (Deceased)

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