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    Personality : Craven
    Status : Hiding Identity
    Home Base : NeoAtlantis

    Character Info
    Species: Multispecies
    Alignment: Deserter

    Nerferiti's Bio Empty Nerferiti's Bio

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    Nerferiti's Bio Tumblr_njs2vyoZZh1thi21zo2_400

    Age: 4/5 (Out of the statis pod counting)
    Species: Trydein/Quorstiz

    Affiliation: The Empire of Moorthor (Either called Moorthor or Empire)
    Status: Royalty (Via adoption by Empire Caesar )

    Personality: Disinterested, Rebellious, Socially Awkward
    History: Nerferiti came to be during Neressia Moore’s experimentation days in Golden Tower, when Neressia was ‘Nelly Tunnel’. She and her siblings were stored for further use by the Xerns for many years. She is one of the 5 daughters of Neressia Moore and adopted daughter of Emperor Caesar. The girls and their sole brother, Napoleon were given freedom to peruse any interest they had and denied nothing their whole lives by Emperor Caesar who adores them. Nerfertiti and her sisters are referred to as sacred jewels of the sea by the whole kingdom and anyone who would disrespect the princesses would suffer greatly. A chunk of the asteroid’s land was made to enlarge the sea portion for them and their need for the embrace of the sea and call of the water to be truly whole. Sapientia, the city of wisdom was where the daughters of Neressia embraced their Quorstiz roots and mastered their aquatic abilities. As their powers are very water drawn (A natural weakness to Moores) their duel natures are always counteracting one another. She does not care much for royal duties and spends most of her time sneaking off to the sea. She is very good at sea magic but not so much being a princess.

    Accelerated Speed
    Water Manipulation
    Mind Speak

    Still learning seawitch magic
    Frail Body from conflicting genes (Trydien’s are weak agonist water and Quorstiz are water based)

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