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    Napoleon Moore
    Napoleon Moore

    Personality : Noble
    Status : Prince
    Home Base : Moorthor Castle

    Character Info
    Species: Mixed Breed
    Alignment: Royalty

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    Napoleon's Bio Tumblr_njs2vyoZZh1thi21zo1_1280
    Age: 4/5 (Out of the statis pod counting)
    Species: Trydein/Quorstiz

    Affiliation: The Empire of Moorthor (Either called Moorthor or Empire)
    Status: Royalty  (Via adoption by Empire Caesar )

    Personality: Kind, Thoughtful, Insecure, Needy  
    History: Napoleon  came to be during Neressia Moore’s experimentation days in Golden Tower, when Neressia was ‘Nelly Tunnel’ . He and his siblings were stored for further use by the Xerns for many years. When Caesar rose to power and the Golden Tower was destroyed, they were discovered. Napoleon was legally adopted by Emperor Caesar as his father after he and Neressia took back the throne. From being raised before power went to his parent’s heads Napoleon is rather mild minded and polite to most. Of course he was just as badly spoiled as well and it sometimes shows as Caesar favored him more than his biological children. Unlike his step siblings, Napoleon was allowed to peruse whatever he wanted at any given time. With such creative freedoms he had many interests outside the royal duty and is rather carefree and taking life slow. His mother and stepfather embraced their roots to build themselves a culture to go along with the new empire. Of course endowing their young son with something to be proud of. His favorite subject is history, mostly underwater history in general from his Quorstiz side of the family. He embraced the sea despite being half Trydein and was able to train his body to resist the weakness but still hasn’t gotten far in sea magic.

    Accelerated Speed
    Water Manipulation
    Mind Speak

    Still learning seawitch magic
    Frail Body from conflicting genes (Trydien’s are weak agonist water and Quorstiz are water based)

    Parents: Cloned from Nelly Maksimkin (Neressia Moore) for the Quorstiz  bloodline
    Siblings: Sheba, Nerfiti, Other unnamed sisters

    *Stepfather: Caesar Moore
    *Stepmother(s): Prism/Iceara Gallus, Sei Sei Moore
    *Stepsiblings:  (From Caesar) Nero, Cith and Zack Zei

    Grandparents: Ingrid Maksimkin & Flint Moore (Deceased)
    Great-Grandparents: Meredith Sulez Clone & Desmond Moore (Deceased)
    Great Uncles: Caesar and Rue and  rest of Desmond’s many sons
    Great Aunts: Sei Sei and rest of Desmond’s  many daughters, Francine Rapce
    Great Cousins: Opal Habbal, Delsin Unerth
    Other Relatives (in the rp): Klaus Sulz, Adam Rapce, Constantine Suelz, Rowen Tytress

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