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    Neressia Moore
    Neressia Moore

    Personality : Bitch
    Status : Queen
    Home Base : Moorthor Castle

    Character Info
    Species: Quorstiz Quorstiz
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Solana's Bio Empty Solana's Bio

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    Solana Shimmer Beckett
    Solana's Bio Hottie_zps0aac8e2f

    Age: 13 (Rapidly Aged from Saray genes)

    Species: Human/Saray/Orc Hybrid/Neeb/Kao/Furyan/Wraith Hybrid/Ancient
    (Can just call them Templars now to much interspecies breeding to list all dat ;P Jup made enough for his own race now )

    Affiliation: Moorthor
    Status: Templar Officer

    History: Solana is one of Jupiter Beckett’s children. Her parents were good friends that worked at the old store, SHIMMER during Havenland’s age. Solana came to be during one of the Estar festivals as were many of her half siblings. She always had a good relationship with her father and his girlfriends and boyfriends and their kids; they were all just good friends who weren’t interested in attachments or labels.  She rapidly aged from her alien genes which surprised her mother and Jupiter both but they managed as she grew from a 7 year old after only 3 years and a teen at 10 and so on.  Unfortunately many of Jupiter’s human friends were killed in the infection but his children were lucky enough to have inherited immunity. Solana lived with her father when she was 11 after her mother’s death it was then she became interested in his work for the Hawthmore brothers, Caesar and Rue and his important role keeping Moorthor safe.  It was around that time the Templar army was being formed and Solana wanted to be apart. Like her father she doesn’t believe in gender roles and does whatever she wants to do.  Solana served at the border of New Valera after the hater King Leon Habbal took over. Gone for many moths she can now return that it is safety back in Queen Ariel’s hands. Back at Moorthor she found it very different place with King Caesar dead and the returned chosen one Desmond in his place.  Jupiter is not a fan of him but as always Solana always goes with the flow and continues her job as best she can in a new rule.

    Strength and Speed
    Rapid Healing
    Mind Speak
    Ability to escape into their species zipper world
    Needs solar energy’s to use powers.
    Becomes weak and vulnerable in contact with lunar energies

    Parents: Jupiter Beckett & SHIMMER Model (Deceased)  
    Siblings: Apollo Beckett, Many others
    Parental Grandparents: Tamson Gome & Misty Mayhem  (Deceased)

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