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    Klaus Sulez
    Klaus Sulez

    Personality : polite, tempermental
    Status : Rogue
    Home Base : King Sorin's Neoplanet

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    Species: Vampire
    Alignment: Lost

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    Klaus Sulez:

    Age: 53

    Species: Vampire/Witch

    Affiliation: TBD

    Status: Rogue  

    Personality: TBD

    History: My name is Klaus Sulez. I am a 53 year old vampire that is currently living as a fugitive here in Havenland.

    My whole life has very much been considered a scandal since day one, when my mother – Niklaus Baudelaire – first found out she was pregnant with me. Just before I was born she fell in love with one of her father’s stable hands around the same time her parents arranged for her to be wed to Olaf Sulez. As a result, there was a great deal of conflict which took place during this time. My mother chose love over duty which not only ended in my unexpected birth, but the hanging of my father as well. Though the house of Sulez was very much a middle class family, permanent shame was placed upon it by my mother’s careless actions. I was only spared as a living reminder of Niklaus’ mistake to punish her. As time went on I was both physically and mentally abused by my drunken stepfather’s jealous rages. My mother gradually became weaker and weaker by the constant stress of it all, so by the time my younger sister Meredith was born; she died while in child birth. I was 10 when I lost my mother, my only friend who protected me against.. him. Luckily enough my grandmother – Ester Baudelaire – moved in to help with the baby after my mothers passing. She was nicer to me, but Meredith was by far my favourite. She reminded me so much of our mother in both looks and personality. She really was the best thing that could have happened to our family after Niklaus’ death. Even our father calmed down for a little while, but by Meredith’s 7th birthday his rages started back up again. It got so bad one night that I was forced to run away from home. It hurt a lot for me to say goodbye to my little sister, but in the end it was the right thing to do, or so I thought.

    This was perhaps the most darkest period of my life. By this time I was living on my own in a small English village not far from home when I was attacked by gypsies. During my time as their prisoner I came across a woman known as Helga Mikaelson. She took ‘interest’ in me and it was then that I made her a deal. In return for her giving me the ability to defend myself against the curse I would do her a ‘favour’. Little did I know that it was eternal slavery. For 5 long infuriating years I was hers and did whatever she asked of me. It was not until she hired someone from the outside to work for her that I was given any hope at all of escape. The young witch girl – Noomi Rapce – was instructed to modify my Vampire curse, for reasons not even I wanted to be made aware of. When Noomi first came to me I was desperate. At first, she was terrified of my state and refused to even speak to me, but by the time she came around for her third visit I was finally able to talk her into freeing me, sending us both on the run for the next 4 years or so. One day when we were hiding out in yet another village, she left me with no reason as to why. I was angry, more so with myself than her. What had I ever done to deserve this? I just wanted to be left alone! When I discovered Bash’s city and found a job working for the underground mob there, I thought I found my big break, but all that was about to change when I discovered Meredith, my sister, still alive in MY city of all places.

    I could hardly believe it! The discovery was so shocking in itself that I did not even know what to do about it. I tried meeting up with her a few times but she didn’t even recognize me! In fact, she was scared of me! Who could blame her though? I was going about the whole thing like maniac after all, even to the point of shooting her down in the street. What could I say? I was a complete disaster. Luckily enough she gave me a second chance to prove myself, her whole team did. That was when I met Beolan Starker and Ettimay Xern, both of whom I would eventually build strong friendships with which would last for the next 4 years or so. I would be lying if I said the whole thing was easy, it really wasn't. I think I really freaked Ettie out at first, it was just.. she was so innocent to me, and that was something I really came to value about her. As time went on our crew had many ups and downs together, there was never a dull moment. I got myself into loads of trouble during this time, but it definitely could have gotten a whole lot worse. Meredith’s stalker, Desmond, was a constant thorn in the crew’s side since the very beginning. I increasingly got more and more pissed until finally the fucker died, but by that time, it was too late.
    When our crew was almost to the Blue planet to escape this cursed galaxy, I was knocked back by one final blow. My girlfriend, Ettie, made the discovery that she was the reincarnation of Dane’s wife. I could not take it. The one good thing in my life which I poured my heart and soul into was a lie, and so, I returned back to Havenland, hoping never to feel that kind of disappointment again.

    Mother: Niklaus Baudelaire
    Father: Unknown
    Stepfather: Olaf Sulez
    Sister: Meredith Sulez
    Grandmother: Ester Baudelaire

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