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    Ariel el Martyr

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    Ariel's Bio Diane-Kruger-28

    Ariel el Martyr:

    Age: 37

    Species: Mutated Valerian Queen bug/Siren

    Affiliation: New Valeria

    Status: Royalty (Queen via el Martyr bloodline)  

    Personality: Cold, determined, and reckless.

    History: My name is Ariel. But to the people of Havenland I am most commonly known as Bubbles.

    I never planned for my life to end up this way, but fate had other plans for me so it seems, and now I am living with the consequences.

    My story first began when a couple of young Trydein boys looking for fun took me and a couple of my sisters to their beach house. We of course did not handle this well and attacked them. In a panic they transported us back to their home where they viciously slaughtered us all…well... except for me. Their sister, Elena, took pity and adopted me as her pet. At first, I was miserable and why shouldn't I be? Everything I knew about my life was stolen away, even my freedom. As their pet I would tag along with the kids on their adventures as well sing at their guardian – Hep’s- night club to bring in some cash. Over time I slowly got attached to each one of their family and considered them as my own until each one of them were killed off. When I was absolutely alone I ran off to the Purple Flower Whorehouse for refuge. Yeah, the living conditions weren't ideal but it was a place where I would be surrounded by women and in a somewhat abstract way, be reminded of home. Naturally I did not work there; I ate the customers that came in and covered up my actions by lying about it. During that time I ended up meeting more friends and eventually met up with Hep again. After that I began working for him for awhile in the Elite clubs fish tank. Unfortunately I was later set up for capturing Hep's son Vero, which had me on the run once more. It was then that I met up with my aunt Kallipso.

    Currently, Leon has stolen my throne away from me and I am now living on the run until I can get it back.

    Mother: Cleopatra el Martyr
    Father: Triton Wink
    Aunt: Kallipso el Martyr
    Uncle: Saladin el Martyr (aka Tiberius Baldwin)
    Cousin: Aurora el Martyr

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